Jul 25, 2011

Read Pitch Anything And You’ll Be Able To

I just finished one of the most compelling books on pitching I’ve read in a long time. It’s called Pitch Anything. I heard about it through Andrew Warner’s interview of author Oren Klaff on Mixergy.com.

If you’ve ever needed or need to pitch a customer, investor, or potential employee on you or your company, this book is a must read. Oren presents a unique approach to pitching called “framing.”

When I advise entrepreneurs on their pitches I often tell them “own the clock,” “don’t get lost in the weeds,” “give as much thought to your pitch as you do to your product,” and “make an emotional connection with your audience.”

Oren goes much further. He talks through a complete model for pitching, from the first interaction, to walking into the lobby, to closing the deal. He backs up his approach with details on why people respond the way they do. And although he doesn’t say it this way, he ensures that if you use his techniques, you will be respected by colleagues, potential investors, and customers alike.

For a preview, check out the interview on Mixergy.com. Then, get the book. I highly recommend it.

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