Mar 6, 2008

The iPhone Really Does Change Everything

Almost a year ago, I wrote about how the iPhone Changes Everything. Response to my blog post varied from vehement agreement to passionate disagreement. Now it’s clear that Apple really is changing the game, with the release of the iPhone SDK.

Until now, the deck has been the be all end all point of control for phones and the carriers who provide the underlying network access. The availability of the iPhone SDK means that any developer can now create an interesting application for the iPhone, and can do so outside of carrier control.

Apple provides tools, a platform, a way to monetize, and distribution. That’s not only an interesting technology change, but a pivotal business model change as well.

On a side note, while IT executives may be skeptical of the iPhone’s corporate e-mail support and Blackberry’s still have the best keyboards, I suspect that more than a few corporate types will be sporting iPhones by this time next year. Consumers have always brought technology into the companies they work for. Apple will be no exception.

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  • I was one (1) day away from purchasing a new Blackberry Curve… then someone in my IT department mentioned that Apple is releasing an Enterprise version in June 2008 with push technology for MS Exchange Server to auto-sync email, contacts & calendar.

    I picked up an iPhone over the weekend. Watch out Blackberry!

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