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The End of DVD Rentals

We recently switched from DSL to Cable and I have to say it is incredible. That is, now that it’s working. It’s been quite the ordeal getting from the initial setup to having it actually work. But download speeds of 6Mbps, sometimes 8Mbps+ are amaaaazzzing. How did we get here?

The initial install was easy – they give you a 2 hour window (gotta love that compared to the 4 hour DSL window) to be home. The technician shows up, does some stuff to the wiring, and hooks up the modem. Suddenly you’re running at 6Mpbs+ (as indicated by DSL Reports). That was great for a couple days until our high speed cable started flaking out. The modem would lose the signal – power down, power up, and we were back in business. But then the next day the modem would be disconnected again.

The solution was to replace the cable all the way from the house to the pole. Apparently there was some water in there that was causing the signal to fade in and out. The phone techs were convinced it was the modem or some other problem – but the technician who replaced the cable solved the problem. Of course, it took 2 visits to do that – first visit they replaced some of the cable, which solved the problem, but only temporarily; second visit they replaced all the cable, and that did it.

Gotta love being able to download a movie rental.

Feb 21, 2007